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Geneva, Switzerland, to host the Laver Cup in 2019

The beautiful lakeside city of Geneva will host the newest event in world tennis, the Laver Cup from September 20-22 2019.

"It's an honor to be able to bring this very special event, the Laver Cup, to Geneva, one of the most spectacular cities in the world,"
Tony Godsick, Chairman, Laver Cup and President and CEO of TEAM8 said as he made the announcement today.  "Over the past 20 years, Switzerland has emerged as one of the most prolific tennis powerhouses in the world, and of course is home to one of the greatest tennis players of all time. It's only fitting to bring the newest event in world tennis to this great country.

World No.2 and 20-time Grand Slam champion
Roger Federer is excited about playing the third edition of the Laver Cup in front of enthusiastic crowds in his home country. "I am so happy the Laver Cup is coming to Switzerland. I would like to thank the city of Geneva and the Laver Cup team who made this dream come true. I am excited to help bring this innovative team event and the world's best players to my home country."

The city of Geneva has thrown their support behind the event and
Mayor Sami Kanaan is predicting the Laver Cup will be one of the major highlights of the city's sporting calendar next year. "Inspiring the next generation to pursue their own dreams is an important benefit of staging events such as the Laver Cup, and having Roger as part of it makes it even more significant.

Mayor-elect and Administrative Advisor for the city of Geneva,
Guillaume Barazzone emphasised the increased cultural and economic benefits events such as the Laver Cup bring to the city. Barazzone said: "I can only imagine the excitement and atmosphere the Laver Cup will bring to the 18,000-strong crowd in the Palexpo next September."

Thierry Apotheloz, Minister of Sport for the Canton of Geneva said: "Geneva is a city that excels in staging major events, such as the UEFA Euro 2008 and the Tour de France, and we are very happy our city has been chosen for the prestigious Laver Cup in 2019.

Pierre Maudet, Chairman of the Canton of Geneva said: "Many of us enjoyed watching the Laver Cup in Prague last year and are eagerly anticipating the second instalment in Chicago next month. We can't wait to host this spectacular display of sportsmanship, teamwork and athleticism here in Geneva."

Robert Hensler, Chairman of Palexpo said:"We are delighted to welcome the Laver Cup to our venue which shows once again how adaptable our space can be. Along with exhibitions and congresses, sporting events fit perfectly into our portfolio".

The Laver Cup is a three-day event pitting six of the greatest players from Europe against six of their greatest rivals from the rest of the World in a unique tennis format that has captured the imagination of tennis and sports fans around the world.

The sell-out crowd at the debut event in Prague in 2017 witnessed unforgettable scenes of passion and emotion as the players competed for a trophy honoring Rod Laver, the only man to have won the Grand Slam twice.

Laver Cup 2018 took place at the United Center, Chicago, from September 21-23.

The 2019 event will be staged at the Palexpo in Geneva from September 20-22.

The Laver Cup is a three-day tournament pitting a team of six of the best tennis players from Europe against six of their counterparts from the rest of the world
· Björn Borg is captain of Team Europe and John McEnroe is captain of Team World. - Thomas Enqvist and Patrick McEnroe are vice-captains of Team Europe and Team World … The tournament is named in honor of Australian tennis legend Rod Laver, the only man to win two calendar-year Grand Slams, and one of the greatest players of all time…. The unique format of the tournament showcases tennis superstars competing on the same team, playing singles, pairing up in doubles and cheering each other from the sidelines…. The inaugural Laver Cup was held at the O2 arena in Prague, Czech Republic, from September 22-24, 2017, with Team Europe defeating Team World 15-9…. The location will rotate between major cities in Europe and the rest of the world each year….

· Each team comprises six players and is led by a team captain
· The competition is played over three days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday
· There are five sessions, two on Friday and Saturday, and one on Sunday
· Four matches are played daily, three singles and one doubles
· Each match win is worth one point on Friday, two points on Saturday and three points on Sunday
· The first team to reach 13 points wins the Laver Cup
· In the event of a tie after all 12 matches have been completed, a final overtime doubles match is played as a regular set with ad scoring and a tiebreak
· Both singles and doubles are best-of-three sets with ad scoring, with the third set decided by a 10-point tiebreak in the event of split sets
· Each player will play at least one singles match during the first two days
· No player will play singles more than twice during the three days
· At least four of the six players must play doubles
· Match-ups will be determined prior to each day of play through the exchange of line-up cards by the captains.

published  October 2018
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