Australian Open 2019

It was the mice's fault…

You fly to the other end of the world, to Melbourne - time after time for tennis, for the Australian Open. On your flights Down Under you see many cities during your stopovers, cities you might never have seen at all. Yes - though it sounds crazy - might never have seen without the mice. You were in Doha (Qatar) and made friends with Shaikh Hamad Bin Eid Bin Mohd. Bin Thani Al Thani from the Emir family. You visited the mega-city Shanghai. You were in Hong Kong and let yourself be inspired by its "Wisdom Path". You saw Bangkok and its magnificent Grand Palace. You found yourself in Manila, by chance, on the World Youth Day, the day the Pope made four million people happy. You saw the Mariamman Temple in Singapore's Chinatown, the national treasure of the city-state.

It was the mice's fault that you didn't start working as a scientist for the pharmaceutic industry after you had given up your job as a scientific assistant and lecturer at the University of Freiburg. During chemical experiments you had discovered and synthesised a new organic substance (a derivative of Diazepinone) that had the same chemical structure as "Valium", the world-renowned tranquilizer of La-Roche at Basel and that is worth a thousand billions. Tested on mice, it took the same medical effects as from Valium, though with Valium the mice slept for 36 hours, but only 27 with the same dose of my substance, meaning the industry was not interested in marketing it.

Losing interest in chemical research work after the mice experiments, you then turn your hobby "sports" into your occupation and business. You found a sports agency and you work as a sports journalist. And when the internet gets itself established, you create the tennis portal TAKEOFF-PRESS <http://www.takeoff-press.de/> , the first German online tennis platform. And that is the reason why you go to the Australian Open 26 times and there, as well as during all the other Grand Slam tournaments, you see all the tennis super-stars and write about them. Earlier about the German champions Steffi Graf, Boris Becker, Michael Stich and today about Angelique Kerber - but also about Borg, Ashe, Vilas, McEnroe, Connors, Edberg, Lendl, Sampras, Agassi, Murray, Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, as well as Navratilova, Goolagong, Evert, Seles, Davenport, Austin, Hingis, Capriati, Mauresmo, Sharapova, Venus and Serena Williams & Co.

There are times in life, when crazy things happen, things that turn your life upside down - like the sleep study tests on the mice, whom you owe all the stories of wonderful sports events you covered, the great trips you took, the interesting acquaintances you made, as well as all the fabulous experiences and the profitable good times you had. As this time around when you find yourself in Melbourne again - Melbourne, the metropolis that is among the cities most worth living in. And again at an unforgettable mega tennis tournament with the fascinating twenty-year-old Stefanos Tsitsipas, the defeater of Roger Federer, and with the twenty-one-year-old Japanese Naomi Osaka, who after winning the US Open, has also won the Grand Slam title in Australia and taken the rank of number one in the world.

                          Dr. rer. nat. Eberhard Pino Mueller
                          translated by  Margot M. Estermann

published:   January  2019….. Tennisportal TAKEOFF-PRESS


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